Catrien Ross on Channelling Art and Music – Does It Really Happen?

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 - 6 Comments

by Catrien Ross

What is channelling, really?

This question arrived home in a deeply personal way on July 10, 2013.

That’s the day I, who had never painted in my life, suddenly started painting a series of paintings which currently number over 50.

The paintings clearly speak.

So clearly that almost immediately a large Buddhist temple in central Japan decided to house a permanent collection of my paintings.

Then, on October 8, incredible as it is, I suddenly began channelling music.

I play this music myself, on a digital piano I ordered when this unexpected compulsion to sit at a piano arose.

As with my painting, I have never played the piano in my life.

With no technical skills or training in either painting or music, I can only say that I am channeling my art and music from an accessible creative stream in the universe.

This channelling through me is deeply joyful and satisfying.

If I do go into any sort of trance, it is a trance in which I remain totally conscious and aware.

I begin each painting without any sketch or clear image, simply choosing the colors I will use.

The composition of the painting unfolds intuitively on the canvas.

Once I start I work rapidly and surely, and when a painting is completed, I do not touch it again, except to frame it.

Same with my music, which I am calling “music from source.”

When I sit down at the piano I rest my hands lightly on the keyboard, then I begin moving my fingers intuitively.

The piece is played complete in itself, and I simply record it.

After so many years as a writer and spiritual healer-teacher, this is an enormous transformation for me.

I now focus on bringing my art and music to the world.

As I continue to adjust to this magnificent creative and deeply healing flow, I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.

Today I have embedded a short YouTube video introducing my art and music.

It is titled, Catrien Ross Art and Music Channelled by Catrien Ross, Artist and Mystic in Japan.

Do you have a personal experience of channelling?

I’d love to hear from you.

Catrien Ross

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6 Responses to “Catrien Ross on Channelling Art and Music – Does It Really Happen?”

  1. Dear Catrien,
    I loved your art. I think you are channeling something beautiful!
    I’d love to interview you about the channeling experience.
    Sending you a big hug!

    • Catrien Ross says:

      Dear Angela:

      And a big hug from Japan to you!

      Thank you for writing.

      I would love to be interviewed, especially by you, about the channelling experience – it has been an amazing journey so far.


  2. bern says:

    I love how you surrender to feeling purely that which arises spontaneously. You are expressing your feelings fluently. You are totally alive. You are satisfied and complete in this moment. What you translate and gift into the physical is divine by nature. Happiness ensues which is a birthright. You become empty to feel full. Its as if you see the light at the end of the tunnel, which is a channel, and you are describing what you see and what you feel. All people channel, but most are in trenches and grooves which they refuse to cipher into their hearts. And so they identify with the moats around their castles. However, to channel inspiration… to live in the moment… to immerse your self in the solution instead of the problem. This is transcendence and perfection. Beautiful in every Way Catrien.

    • Catrien Ross says:

      Dear Bern: Bringing your wisdom here again from walking in stillness. Thank you so much. Your words: “Translate and gift into the physical” – what a profound way to express this channelling from the deepest source. And your inspirational reminder that “all people channel.” Yes, to continue expressing that which arises spontaneously and creatively as you say. A warm welcome once more to you from the foot of Mount Fuji – Catrien.

      • bern says:

        So for instance, we have all heard of signs and omens. Well, anything that attracts our attention then is a signpost saying, come over here and look into this tube… this conduit… this channel… this broadcast… this point of view. One could say that the playing field of life is neutral… but those points or dots or signs that catch our attention are charged either positive or negative and can also be described as our likes and dislikes. Each point of attraction takes one into another world of potential expansion through an authentic connection linking one world into another. When the connection is fluent…. a wormhole is established… one enters a stargate… etc. where information and data and stimulii are fluently exchanged. It is a mating. It is alien hybridization. It is a message from one’s angel. It is where the spark of life resides. One can then say that the physical is not real, but it is these portals or channels to feelings that is real… which one digs for under the surface… where one reaches to the stars in hope that they shall fall into one’s heart… providing a gateway and path directly into heaven.

        • Catrien Ross says:

          Dear Bern: Your prose channels such beauty, connecting worlds. So a point of positive attraction then, is a deepest longing for an authentic link and thus potential expansion. When this connection is fluent – your comment describes the wonder that arises. The poetry of your reminder, Bern: “where one reaches to the stars in hope they shall fall into one’s heart … providing a gateway and path directly into heaven.” Thank you for being such a clear channel for the deep wisdom you share with all of us. Your words are loving and inspirational. From the foot of Mount Fuji, much love to you – Catrien.

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