Catrien Ross on Channelling Art and Music – Does It Really Happen?

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 - 6 Comments

by Catrien Ross

How does channelling creativity happen?

This question arrived home in a deeply personal way on July 10, 2013.

That’s the day I, with zero study or training in painting, felt compelled to put brush to canvas for the first time in my life.

I instantaneously created a series of artwork, completing 60 paintings in less than 12 weeks.

By early summer, 2014, I had produced 120 paintings and more than 50 musical compositions.

A large Buddhist temple in central Japan, describing my art as profoundly spiritual, decided at once to house a permanent display of my art.

Then, on October 8, 2013, I incredibly began playing instantaneous musical compositions.

As with my painting, I have never played or studied the piano in my life.

I record these melodies live on the digital piano that arrived as soon as my unexpected compulsion to sit at a piano arose.

With no technical skills or training in either playing the piano or painting, I believe my art and music emerge from a direct connection with the creative intelligence of the universe – what I call Source.

My paintings are named and numbered “From Source.”

My melodies, too, I call “Music From Source.”

I begin each painting without any sketch or clear image, simply choosing intuitively the colors I will use.

The composition of the painting unfolds instantaneously on the canvas as I move.

Once I start I work rapidly and surely, and when a painting is completed, I do not touch it again, except to frame it.

When I sit down at the piano I rest my hands lightly on the keyboard, then I begin moving my fingers intuitively.

The piece is played complete in itself, and I simply record it as I play.

Within days of touching the piano for the first time, I recorded more than 20 musical compositions.

A CD of my music was released in Japan in December, 2013.

I now focus on bringing the mystery of my art and music to the world.

As I continue to adjust to this magnificent creative and deeply spiritual flow, I hope you will enjoy this healing journey with me.

My art and music express exquisite joy and immediate connection with boundless creativity.

I showcase artwork in a new artist website at

Meantime, here is a short YouTube video introducing my art and music.

It is titled, Catrien Ross Art and Music Channelled by Catrien Ross, Artist and Mystic in Japan.

Catrien Ross

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