Date: May 13th 2014

Catrien Ross Solo Art Show at Buddhist Temple in Japan

Honkohji, a Buddhist temple in Japan's heartland, will present Catrien Ross paintings in a solo art show titled Soul Journeys – Tamashii no Tabi in Japanese.

The Tamashii no Tabi art exhibition will feature the artist's 2014 Glints/Kirameki Series.>

Honkohji is already very familiar with Catrien Ross artwork. More then 40 of Catrien's paintings hang throughout the temple.

Saito Shohmi, who runs Honkohji, says: “People who come to the temple experience so many things in Catrien's paintings. Some people encounter Buddha, Kannon-sama, angels, hermit-sages. Other people see animals, birds, landscapes, forests. People also feel emotions such as joy, courage and hope in the energetic colors and movement. Several people have even seen their dead child or relative, and they say they come to a deep sense of peace and relief.”

As an artist, Catrien Ross has an amazing story. She has never once studied or taken lessons in painting in her life.

On July 10, 2013, she was suddenly compelled to begin painting one canvas after another without stopping. Within a few weeks she completed 60 acrylic on canvas paintings.

Her astonishing painting eruption is ongoing and she now paints full-time in her 300-year-old studio sanctuary in Japan. In 2014 she introduced her new Glints/Kirameki series at

Catrien Ross Solo Art Show, Tamashii no Tabi

Where: Honkohji,Takara-Cho 13-20, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka, Japan

When: Friday, May 16: 1pm-5pm, Saturday, May 17: 1pm-5pm, Sunday, May 18: 12am-4pm

TEL: 0544-26-2964 (Honkoji) 080-1295-8008 (Catrien Ross) Email:

Catrien Ross

Artist & Mystic in Japan
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