Catrien Ross on Planning a Halloween Press Launch in Japan

Saturday, October 31st, 2009 - No Comments

Books are on hand and our press launch is set for Halloween.

Actually, Halloween going on Christmas.

Alongside witches’ hats and plastic pumpkins, fake snow and Santa Claus giftwrapping festoon shop shelves.

Japanese stores don’t waste a moment’s opportunity.

The Halloween hodgepodge includes bats, broomsticks, spiders, Casper the Friendly Ghost, vampires, gravestones, and haunted houses.

Skeletons, too.

A spooky cultural mix that couples skull and crossbones with Day of the Dead trinkets.
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Catrien Ross on Energy Doorways New Website in Japan

Friday, October 30th, 2009 - No Comments

Energy Doorways website in both English and Japanese is at last going up.

To those of you who kept asking when, many thanks for your enthusiastic support.

Creating this website has been a journey of the best kind, leading to places I never thought I could reach, teaching so much about the workings of the web, strengthening the synchronicity of timely encounters.

With special thanks to S, the he-who-wishes-to-remain-incognito web wizard without whose mastery our website would not be possible.

Please visit Energy Doorways often, comment on blogs, stay in touch.

Thank you and welcome.