Catrien Ross on Touchstones of Natural Energy Wisdom in a Mountain Garden in Japan

Friday, November 13th, 2009 - 2 Comments

Ever noticed how a profoundly positive experience in nature can become a touchstone you return to time and again?

A good memory can resonate within you, recalling the power of nature to heal even the deepest hurts of body, mind, and spirit.

One evening several years ago I reached a low point in a prolonged spiritual crisis in Japan.

Around midnight, exhausted and overwhelmed, I went outside to my mountain garden.

There I simply dropped to my knees on the earth and lifted my arms to the clear, cold darkness.

Great, gulping tears came then.

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Catrien Ross on the Challenge of Energy Medicine in Japan

Sunday, November 1st, 2009 - No Comments

Energy Doorways has just published our new book in Japanese on energy medicine. (Books)

Energy medicine concepts are not new, of course.

In-depth knowledge of energy flows and energy balancing has existed in Oriental Medicine for some 5,000 years.

But the idea that your own energy can be medicine – that you can joyfully work with this medicine to change and improve your life, and that you can do so easily by yourself – this is a new shift in Japan.

Over the centuries working with energy flow, or ki, as the Japanese call it, became the province of specialists – the acupuncture and Kampo doctors, the martial arts masters, the spiritual gurus, the Buddhist priests.

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