Catrien Ross on Doing Just for Today What You Can Do in the Precious, Amazing, Once-Only Now

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 - 4 Comments

Catrien Ross Blog Post Just for Today

Just for today:

Don’t be cynical or fed up.

The world doesn’t need your cynicism.

It needs your engaged attention and sense of wonder.

So do what you can do, no matter how small, to bring light to your situation.
Just for today:

Don’t be timid.

The world doesn’t need your cowardice and excuses.

It needs your warrior aspect and compassionate courage.

So be brave in keeping your word and facing your commitments.
Just for today:
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Catrien Ross on Being What Only You Can Be and Letting Others Hear Your True Sound

Thursday, June 14th, 2018 - No Comments
Catrien Ross Blog Post, Energy Doorways

Only One Person Like You

Let’s continue the thought of the previous blog post, on sounding your own unique note in the world.

There are now 7.4 billion people on Earth.

And not one other person is exactly like you.

Think about this for a moment.

You are truly unique.

Nobody else in the world has your body, or your spirit, or your mind.

No-one else has your particular energy pattern.

Your energy pattern emits a unique vibration that is yours, and yours alone.

From a spiritual perspective, one of your main tasks in life is to discover your own unique melody.

But many of us are not aware enough to experience life in ways that help uncover our true melody.
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Catrien Ross on Sounding Your Own Unique Note in the World

Thursday, June 7th, 2018 - 11 Comments
Sounding Your Unique Note Blog by Catrien Ross

Sounding Your Own Unique Note in 2018

Have you ever held a bird in your hands?

Perhaps a fledgling that fell out of its nest.

Or an injured bird no longer able to fly.

If so you might remember the warmth of the feathers beneath your fingers.

The trust the bird shows when it understands you are a compassionate human who wants to help its distress.

Over the years I have taken care of many wild birds.

Cradling a bird in my hands is like cradling a living vibration.

The little body thrums.

I have learned that pigeons purr when they are happy.

And each pigeon purrs in a different way.

The vibration is unique.
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