Catrien Ross on 36 Musings at Mount Fuji with 36 Views by Hokusai New Ebook Launch

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36 Musings at Mount Fuji blog post by Catrien RossThe Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849)

CHAPTER 2, LETTING GO OF LOSS (ebook excerpt):

Someone you loved is gone.

Something you needed is no longer there.

Somehow your heroic commitment has faded into failure.

Now the foundations of your existence lie crumpled beneath you.

Yet you surrendered solutions long ago and your answer ahead seems impossible to fathom.

So what remains?

Today, there is nothing and no-one.

There is only you.

Out of pain and disillusionment you admit all you once cherished is indeed lost.

Faced with emptiness, what you can do is breathe into the space of your untapped courage.

You discover that in grasping nothingness you become free to embrace everything.

And everything in turn is free to embrace you.

You are letting go of loss.

36 Musings at Mount Fuji by Catrien Ross

Ebook Synopsis:

36 Musings at Mount Fuji is a 36-chapter collection of musings by Catrien Ross, who has lived in Japan for the past twenty-five years as an author, a sudden artist, and a natural mystic. Published as a new ebook by Energy Doorways in May, 2018, it provides inspirational lessons in love and loss on topics such as hidden truths in needles and tofu, letting go of maps, and samurai yabusame as spiritual insights.

Catrien Ross lives in the Japanese countryside, in a 300-year-old minka in the mountains, and iconic Mount Fuji is part of the author’s daily life. So she heads each chapter with a different image from 36 Views of Mount Fuji, the famous series of Japanese woodblock prints by the ukiyo-e artist, Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849).

The attractive pairing of 36 meaningful musings with 36 well-known views has yielded an enriching ebook that offers practical spiritual insights as well as a nod to the artistic traditions of old Japan.

Celebration Offer: To celebrate the enduring power of Mount Fuji, this ebook is priced as Pay What You Want, at or above the minimum of $1.00 (one USD). You decide what you want to pay and set your own original price.


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