Catrien Ross on Being What Only You Can Be and Letting Others Hear Your True Sound

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Only One Person Like You

Let’s continue the thought of the previous blog post, on sounding your own unique note in the world.

There are now 7.4 billion people on Earth.

And not one other person is exactly like you.

Think about this for a moment.

You are truly unique.

Nobody else in the world has your body, or your spirit, or your mind.

No-one else has your particular energy pattern.

Your energy pattern emits a unique vibration that is yours, and yours alone.

From a spiritual perspective, one of your main tasks in life is to discover your own unique melody.

But many of us are not aware enough to experience life in ways that help uncover our true melody.

We need to feel more, laugh more, cry more, love more.

Whether or not you have yet discovered your own melody, you are always broadcasting an energy frequency, every moment of your life.

This is because you are energy, and you cannot avoid this.

When you are unaware of your unique melody, your energy pattern is usually out of harmony with itself.

And this affects all aspects of your life.

It affects your family, your relationships with people, your work, your attitude, your health.

When you start sounding your unique melody, however, amazing things happen.

You find that expressing your true vibration can work to heal even your deepest spiritual wounds.

And as your healing happens, you begin to heal your relationships.

In this way you heal your immediate environment.

Which means you are helping to make the Earth a much better place for everyone.

And so an incredible harmony of energy frequencies begins vibrating within you and around you.

You begin resonating to the greater energy of the universe.

So one of the most important and immediate actions you can take is to discover your own melody.

Have you ever played in an orchestra?

Then you know the dissonance an out-of-tune instrument can cause.

And you also know that in an orchestra, each member is responsible for tuning his or her own instrument.

If you are a cellist, you tune your own cello.

You never say to the person sitting next to you, “You are out of tune, so let me tune your instrument.”

No, you are responsible for your own instrument and how you sound.

Your instrument, your unique note, is critical for the success of the whole orchestra’s sound.

When everyone is in tune, when all the notes blend together, what happens?

A miracle of musical harmony.

In the same way, you are responsible for tuning yourself in your daily life – every moment if necessary.

You cannot tune another person.

People often ask how they can change a difficult family situation.

What they really want is to change other family members.

But the fact is you can never change another person.

You can only change the energy frequency you yourself transmit.

If you want more love, more peace, more satisfaction in your life, you must start with yourself, which means finding your own true melody.

Then you need to tune this melody, constantly.

At first you might keep shifting in and out of tune because you are not accustomed to hearing your own melody.

It might feel strange or unfamiliar.

But keep trying.

Keep tuning yourself.

Because your unique melody is the most wonderful thing you can share with other people.

It is your inspiration and a reason to celebrate.

Without your unique note some essential melody is missing in the world.

And when something is missing life becomes diminished for all of us.

So why not start to discover your unique melody today, right now?

It is your greatest treasure, and your greatest gift to others.

There is only one person like you – do you let others hear your true sound?

You can read more inspirational insights in 36 Musings at Mount Fuji, a new ebook by Catrien Ross released in May, 2018.

36 Musings at Mount Fuji by Catrien Ross

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