Catrien Ross on Experiencing Your Rhythm in 2010

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 - 13 Comments

How will you experience your rhythm in 2010?

Will you creep, despondent and resentful of events and circumstances?

Or will you dance, expressing the phases of expansion and contraction that embody your uniqueness?

Will you limit yourself to hopelessness and doubt, afraid of possibilities?

Or will you tap your innate strength and wisdom, releasing the power of your own energy?

Will you look back with regret, retelling over and over the old hurts that no longer are?

Or will you reach forward in delight, celebrating how the natural seasons of your life unfold?

Will you encase yourself in the armor of fear, guarding security and personal prejudice?

Or will you stretch into the limitless space of authentic existence, transcending your cocoon?

Will you maintain the prison of your grievances and grudge, demanding retribution?

Or will you burst forth into forgiveness, thankful of a loving universe that sustains your every breath?

Will you succumb to the gloom of ignorance and alienation, relinquishing responsibility?

Or will you manifest vision and connection, becoming what only you can be?

My friend Allison in Tucson, Arizona, reminded me of some words I once wrote:

What I can do, even if it seems it is all I can do, is connect with the deeper, authentic parts of myself through connecting with nature.

In my moments of deepest despair the stars still shine, the winds still sing through the grass, the water still flows in the stream, the sun still brings a new day.

I can reach out and hug my dogs and cats, I can touch someone I love, I can close my eyes and listen to the buzz of bees in the flowers.

Out of this sense of connection I can reconnect with the world in renewed inspiration.

How will you experience your rhythm in 2010?

I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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13 Responses to “Catrien Ross on Experiencing Your Rhythm in 2010”

  1. Sibyl says:

    Wow…AMAZING post. I hope that I live 2010 as eloquently as you expressed your thoughts in this post. These words you shared are going to my mental database and I plan to remind myself of them frequently…

    “manifest vision and connection, becoming what only you can be”

    Thanks for the inspirational post.

  2. Dr.Mani says:

    Catrien, this is an incredible start to my New Year… and I will bookmark your post to come back to over and over, as a reminder and touchstone in case I lose direction!

    I especially loved this insight: “In my moments of deepest despair the stars still shine, the winds still sing through the grass, the water still flows in the stream, the sun still brings a new day.”

    Thank you for sharing such an amazing message.

    And happy New Year to you! 🙂

  3. Barbara says:

    I stepped out into the early morning air to put out my garbage, a very mundane and necessary act. The air was pale blue with the light on the freshly fallen snow. It has been falling lightly for days now! The air was fresh and clean as well. It was a good start to the year.

    As you say, nature can be healing.

  4. Catrien Ross says:

    Sibyl, thank you for such a positive response. Your enthusiasm confirms that manifesting vision and connection can be a shared journey. I look forward to traveling this path with you in 2010.

  5. Catrien Ross says:

    Dr. Mani, thank you for such generous comments. I am touched by your response but would like to thank you again for the inspiration in your What If post, especially concerning meaningful blog posts in 2010. Taking time to connect with and appreciate nature outdoors can teach us so much about our own inner nature – I hope this year will bring many new insights and a greater deepening of the sense of interconnectedness.

  6. Catrien Ross says:

    Barbara, thank you. Do you find that mundane and necessary acts such as you describe are exactly what ground us in the reality of our lives? And it is this very grounding which helps open our heart to a sense of wonder and joy in the details. A simple action like taking out the garbage, done with awareness, becomes a doorway to rejoicing in the moment as it simply is.

  7. Barbara says:

    Indeed, Catrien, in the Benedictine tradition which I cherish, one discovers the sacred in the ordinary. We are taught to treat the tools we use like the vessels on the altar.

  8. Bruce says:


    I like the metaphors you use regarding how we feel. Sometimes we get so caught up in our day to day lives that we often forget the “big picture.”

    I was born with the optimist nature ever since I was a little boy.

    What you write about here reminds me of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, “The Power of Intention.”

    Thanks for helping me think about my “rhythm” for 2010!

    May you have much success in 2010,


  9. Catrien Ross says:

    Bruce, welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting. I appreciate your comments and introduction to the book. The “big picture” is really just another way of interpreting the details. It is an important perspective that we all too often forget about, as you say. Much success to you, too, in the coming year. Do you have any new thoughts on your rhythm for 2010?

  10. Tess says:

    Stretching and dancing for me, even if I’m sure there will be many times the armour will have to be consciously laid aside.
    The words about nature are just right. We have unusually heavy snow (for us) in England just now and I love the pristine whiteness of it on the deck of my back garden, marked only by the delicate track of prints by my cat – with a furrow between the pawprints where her saggy tummy brushes the top of the snow aside.

  11. Catrien Ross says:

    Tess, welcome, how lovely to see you here. I heard from family and friends about the snow blanketing England. Scotland is white, too. But I agree with you, the pristine whiteness of snow is such a thing of beauty, especially here in the mountains. So far this winter we have had no snow at all, however. What a wonderful image of your cat, paws and saggy tummy imprinting the whiteness. Does she also shake off her paws as she pads through the snow? Thanks for your comments about my post. I look forward to stretching and dancing alongside you in 2010.

  12. How totally lovely to discover this blog. Catrien, you are such a trip.

    Congratulations on this website, on the first Energy Medicine book in Japan, on your romping into 2010.

    Personal Note: I’ve sent you many emails over the last many months, including one about two days ago. (It bounced!) Huge love to you!


  13. Catrien Ross says:

    Rose, huge love to you, too, and a big welcome to my blog. Thank you for your delight – I am delighted you are here, bringing your skills in Deeper Perception with you. I did not receive your past emails. They must be floating somewhere in the ethers. Congratulations on the release of yet another new book. You are one powerhouse of a self-publisher and I wish you much success in 2010. Looking forward to seeing you again in Japan next time you visit. Meantime, much love to you from Mount Fuji.

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