Catrien Ross on Mt. Fuji Ocean Meditation and Energy Doorways

Friday, September 7th, 2012 - 6 Comments

Opening Energy Doorways to a moment’s meditation at Mt. Fuji and the ocean:

To stop stalling, simply go
To stop doubting, simply know …

To stop closing, simply feel
To stop hurting, simply heal …

To stop holding, simply give
To stop counting, simply live …

To what meditation are you opening today?

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6 Responses to “Catrien Ross on Mt. Fuji Ocean Meditation and Energy Doorways”

  1. Beautiful Poem and Imagery from Your Lovely Inner Home.

    Any fixation or focal point Upon One’s Lens is an opportunity to Still and then Gaze Upon and ride a Waveless Wave to the Great Beyond returning One back Home.

    • Catrien Ross says:

      Dear Bern:

      Thank you. Especially your image of the “Waveless Wave.” The combination of the ocean and Mount Fuji was such a gift in my lens that day.

      September greetings to you from Japan – Catrien.

  2. Ray Colon says:

    Hi Catrien,

    I enjoyed the video. Your voice is as soothing as your writing. Thanks for the peaceful moments and beautiful scenery.

  3. Such a gorgeous blog, such inspiration, from the one and only you, Catrien.

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