Catrien Ross on Reviving Your Passion and Purpose in Spring Vibrations from Japan

Monday, March 15th, 2010 - 55 Comments

I heard once that birdsong in spring stimulates tree buds to swell into opening.

How about you?

Are you alert to the vibrations reviving your passion and purpose?

Spring flowers broadcast frequencies that sing to your indifference, stirring you with renewed motivation.

Their vibrations spur your spirit’s shift from winter rhythms to the freshness of enlightened inspiration.

Spring also awakens you to the rippling of a myriad sentient beings.

Your sensory experience, encountered in every breath, defines you, reflects you, confirms you and supports you.

In the same way, the vibrations you broadcast reach outwards to affect each person you meet and each circumstance around you.

You live in a sea of vibration that resonates in your cells, informing your DNA and transforming your choices.

You do not know when vibrations arrive from afar to influence you.

You do not know how widely your own vibrations reach.

Manifestation taps the power of this vibrational continuum.

Your first impulse for creation takes shape within its energetic vortex.

Where intention goes, energy flows.

Your intentions unleash creative changes in the energy field that surrounds you.

Positive intentions combined with positive actions excite energy to move in desired directions.

Why should this be so?

Is it because the underlying principle of the universe is the joy of co-creation?

Is it because you share accountability for expressing the abundance of this creative intelligence?

Spring flowers flaunt their splendor, unabashed in their magnificence.

How about you?

Do you celebrate the forms and colors of your personality and character?

Do your dreams astonish with their boldness?

Do you unfurl your talents to a delighted world?

As spring vibrations quicken within you, how are you reviving your passion and purpose?

In Japan, I welcome the ripples of your response.

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55 Responses to “Catrien Ross on Reviving Your Passion and Purpose in Spring Vibrations from Japan”

  1. Sibyl says:

    Is this a post or a piece of poetry? So amazingly written as usual and so thought provoking. It was just what I needed on this Monday morning. Sometimes you need reminder to look up and be inspired by what is right around you. I don’t know if I have begun just yet, but I am hoping today will be my first day of consistent reviving of my passion. I couldn’t agree more that we all share accountability of expressing abundance and creative intelligence. I aim to live up to doing my part day after day. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Catrien Ross says:

    Sibyl, thank you for being so complimentary. It is wonderful to see you here again today. We may live in different time zones, but inspiration vibrates in its own dimension and we can each immediately share the passion it generates. Hope your Monday is creatively and intelligently abundant, and your coming week, too.

  3. Catrien,

    There isn’t much a person can add to this. You’ve expressed it so succinctly. One statement stand out for me though.

    You said, “Where intention goes, energy flows.” So true. It is why it so important to watch our intention; to become aware of the quality if it.

    In my practice of Chi Gung and Tai Chi, it is one of the things I have stress to students the most. The quality of their intention and awareness will dictate the nature of the energy that results from it.

    A common misconception is: more internal energy is always good. Well, it is if you have cultivated it with quality, balance, and fineness, but it can destroy you mentally, spiritually and physically, if you are not careful. It is truly a sword with two edges. Your analogy of spring flowers is a beautiful and proper answer to the problem.

    Find that fresh and vibrant song of spring flowers within you, and you will always build energy that creates beautifully and functionally–just like spring flowers.

    Very beautiful expression Catrien, and I love those flowers 🙂


  4. Catrien Ross says:

    John, thank you for visiting again with your insightful addition, especially about the nature of energy flow. How fortunate your Chi Gung and Tai Chi students are to have such a perceptive teacher.

    Thank you, too, for the beauty of your words, “find that fresh and vibrant song of spring flowers within you, and you will always build energy that creates beautifully and functionally – just like spring flowers.”

    And those flowers are beautifully expressed, just as they are.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    WOW….Wondef full….Beauty Full….I am filled with such joy on reading your post! Here is a quote from the wonderful book ‘The Universe is a Green Dragon’ by Brian Swimme
    ” We are the self-reflexion of the universe. We allow the universe to know and feel itself. So the universe is aware of itself through self-reflective mind, which unfurls in the human. We were brought forth so that these experiences of beauty could enter awareness. The primeval fireball existed for twenty billion years without self-awareness. The creative work of the supernovas existed for billions of years without self-reflective awareness. That Star could not, by itself, become aware of it’s own beauty or sacrifice. But the star can, through us, relect back on itself. In a sense, you are the star. Look at you hand – do you claim it as your own? Every element was forged in temperatures a million times hotter than molten rock, each atom fashioned in the blazing heat of the star….” page59.
    And today I was researching for a T-Shirt which I’ve been commissioned it will be ” Summer of Joy 2010″…as soon as it’s done and printed I’ll let you know.
    Because as you say thought is energy ~ creation ~ action ~ manifestation.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    P.S…Commissioned is a bit grand a description! Really it’s a friend who had this idea and I’m creating the design for it…and I hope it will be a success! I’m still chewing over images..

  7. Catrien Ross says:

    Elizabeth, thank you so much for visiting again with your delight. What a wonderful name for a book, “The Universe is a Green Dragon,” and the paragraph you shared is wonderful, so I hope to encounter the entire book someday. Dragons are very much creators in the Oriental universe.

    And congratulations and every success you wish for on your T-Shirt design commission. You have so many spectacular images in your own photos and poems.

    “Summer of Joy 2010” – this is already smiling and warming through a new day in Japan – the sun glorious in the mountains.

  8. Catrien Ross says:

    Elizabeth, spring is a grand time to be a bit grand in our descriptions. Have a grand day being grand!

  9. Ah, you have enlivened my spirit today, Catrien. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you. As I sit looking out at a spring-flowering clematis, a wild and blooming potato vine, and a line of upright rosemary covered in tiny purple blossoms, I can actually hear them broadcasting their frequencies to me. Spring is such a time of renewal for me, and part of that is about unfurling myself in the world after winter. But it’s also about letting go and clearing out what’s not needed. Those two things, letting go and unfurling, that feels absolutely transformative to me. Maybe it’s kind of like the apricot tree I’m looking at right now, its blossoms releasing and floating down to the ground as it begins to set fruit. Does that make sense?

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Catrien…the T-shirt is expansive!

    I really recommend going to

    Which is series of films by Brian Swimme on Youtube. The first one is not that great but there after they get better and better.

  11. Kel says:

    although it is autumn here in Australia, i still took delight in the lovely photo of purple, yellow, white
    and your phrase, “unfurl your talents to a delighted world” is one that shall remain with me this week

  12. Catrien Ross says:

    Patty, thank you so much again. Yes, that makes deep sense. And what beautiful imagery in the words you shared today. Plum trees are the first to blossom in Japan – although in my alien garden long after the witch hazel I planted – and it is still too early for the apricot. The cherry will open, too, and then the peach. Yesterday I found the daffodils preparing their entrance. It will be quite a show.

  13. Catrien Ross says:

    Kel, hello again and thank you. Of course, in Australia you experience the year’s unfolding in a different seasonal rhythm. What colors delight your artist’s heart in autumn now?

  14. Kel says:

    Now that we live in a coastal area, most of the vegetation is native (evergreen). I miss the colour changes we used to get in the city. Crunchy leaves of brown, gold, red. But I’m loving the brilliant jewel colours of the Rainbow Lorikeets as they come in to feed on the gum trees and grasses.

  15. Catrien Ross says:

    @Elizabeth: Thank you very much for the link. I had a short look at the first video and will spend more time again later.

    @Kel: Thank you for introducing the Rainbow Lorikeet. I looked up some images and their coloring is so striking – brilliant jewel hues, indeed. The changing seasons here in the mountains show so clearly – I appreciate the transformations – but green all year round must have its own beauty.

  16. Baker says:

    Beautifully written, I enjoyed reading this. I have found that following my passion has increased my vibration and its a nice feeling to continue to maintain as a creative being.


  17. Catrien Ross says:

    Baker, welcome to my blog and thank you for your warm comment. Isn’t it interesting – and life-affirming – how following your passion really does increase your creative vibration? Each of us has this ability to broadcast our creatively unique frequency to the world.

  18. Hi Catrien –

    What a beautiful post – a joy to read and digest. I felt the spirit of generations of haiku writers bursting through the spring theme. I love all seasons – they are natural times of change and development. The energy that comes from spring is amazing – a natural renewal, growth and flourishing after the winter recedes. We have crocuses, snowdrops and daffodils raising their plumage in London and it makes my heart sing. I’m heading out to enjoy a run around several parks this afternoon to revel in the sunshine. Thanks for your spirit and keep enthralling us.


  19. Catrien Ross says:

    Phil, thank you for your exuberance, and welcome to my blog. Yes, I agree with your perception of the seasons as “natural times of change and development.” With all those spring flowers raising their plumage in London there must be many hearts singing. What a lovely image, Phil. Sunshine in the parks already? How welcoming that must feel after the especially hard winter. Enjoy your run and your spring energy!

  20. Hi Catrien.

    I do unfurl some of my talents, but I also don’t unfurl some of them, so this does remind me that it would be in my best interests to unfurl the other ones as well. When we aren’t releasing something we have, we lose the rewards, and lose our motivation. If Mariah Carey never sang to people publicly, she might not feel fulfilled to this day. If someone with an interest in brain surgery stayed away from it out of fear of injuring someone, they might not be the go-to doctor in some city today.

    We have skills and interests, and the next person has a different set of skills and interests. We have to work with ours, and use them if capable.

  21. Catrien Ross says:

    Armen, hello, thanks for unfurling yourself here again on my blog, and your reminder about working outwards with talents we have. I liked your observation that there are talents we do unfurl, and some we don’t. What do you think motivates us to begin unfurling those hidden talents?

  22. Magnificent, Catrien. And so very true, every word.

  23. Catrien Ross says:

    Rose, hello there – thank you for visiting again and popping in your response. Hope you are enjoying the spring vibrations of your own Deeper Perception.

  24. ayo says:

    hi catrien
    how are you today? this post has very deep and true meanings. i am pondering on this line Positive intentions combined with positive actions excite energy to move in desired directions because it’s given me an idea for article.
    i also acknowledge that there are certain dreams i’ve had that come so strong and the activities carried out in order to achieve them have been exciting,challenging, nspiring…. even in difficult circumstances because there’s a will to carry on.
    take care and have a lovely day.

  25. Catrien Ross says:

    Ayo, lovely to see you here again. I am fine today – just came in from cutting fallen trees on the mountain and gathering fresh shiitake from our logs. We will enjoy them in a hot Thai soup tonight.

    I am glad you felt inspired by my words – I look forward to reading your article.

    Isn’t it invigorating and affirming how deep inspiration keeps renewing our passion to realize our dreams? We can renew ourselves again and again in limitless creativity and power of action.

    You have a wonderful day, too.

  26. Hi Catrien. Your writing is pure poetry! A delight to read.

    This line drove home to me: Where (my) intention goes, (my) energy flows.

    I know that. I have long been aware that thought has substance, and travels and influences. For good or ill. Productively or destructively. It can flow or bombard. And I was taught that I have a say in that — called choice. I have choices, both about what I send out and what I allow in.

    You write that we don’t know the reach of our own or of incoming vibrations. No. We don’t. But isn’t the science fascinating, as we learn and experience a little more, bit by bit.

    Our spring is still springing — we’re on a Great Lake and so keep our ‘winter’ just a little longer. But the tiniest of fuzzy buds on our trees, and the yellow-green haze weeping on the willows, promise it’s coming. 🙂

    I love your references to color! Color is also energy — and the absorption of some color rays leaving others to bounce back to us affects us tremendously — in our psyche, our cravings, our bursts of energy or fatigue. Another fascinating science.

  27. Catrien Ross says:

    Barb, from your Great Lake, welcome to my blog, and thank you for sharing your insights.

    You brought several important additions – “I have choices, both about what I send out and what I allow in.” This is such a valuable awareness.

    And I very much appreciate your appreciation of the vibrational power of color – “color is also energy – and the absorption of some color rays leaving others to bounce back to us affects us tremendously – in our psyche, our cravings, our bursts of energy and fatigue.”

    As you say, a fascinating science that we are more and more beginning to understand and apply in practical ways.

    May the promise of spring soon envelop you in its joyful springing.

  28. Kim says:

    Hi Catrien,

    Thank you for the eloquent and thought provoking post. I have actually returned to it a few times — the first time, I was inspired to put the laptop to sleep and go immediately for a walk. I was determined to spot the Spring miracles in the hustle and bustle of the city where I live. Another visit led me to check my intentions and their alignment with passion and purpose. In gratitude for your beautiful words and encouragement.

  29. Catrien Ross says:

    Kim, thank you, I always appreciate your visits here. I am so glad to hear about the inspiration you received. In the hustle and bustle of the city where you live, what spring miracles did you spot?

    And I hope you found your intentions aligned just as you hope – with passion and purpose in your life.

    Thank you for the warmth of your comment.

  30. Wilma Ham says:

    Hi Catrien.
    I am always amazed to realize how we have cut out nature and its energy from our daily life.
    I noticed how much city life and work have kept me from receiving these energies now I live surrounded by it and have a chance to experience it in full.
    It makes me once more aware that we are connected and not separate and that we have to look after nature and NOT destroy it and be so careless with it.
    Because when we forget we no longer care and continue with our destruction.
    Great reminder of our connectedness. Love Wilma

  31. Catrien Ross says:

    Wilma, thank you so much for stopping by again. Your observation is so important – living in cities can make it so easy to fool ourselves into believing that we are not part of nature, or that we do not need nature’s energy in our daily life. And what we do not value as essential to our survival we ignore or worse, destroy. But we ourselves are nature, and nature is you and I – all of us. As you wisely point out, “we are connected and not separate.” Our inner nature, our outer nature, and nature in the greater world around us are one and the same.

    Have a wonderful day experiencing those essential energies, Wilma!

  32. Kim says:

    Hello Catrien,

    Despite the obvious, I found miniature replicas of daisies and leaves between cracks of concrete, squabbling squirrels and crows over prime real estate, and appreciative folks every few blocks or more. Spring miracles do exist — we just need to re-focus our attention 🙂

  33. Catrien Ross says:

    Kim, thank you so much for returning to share this – it is an aware reminder of the natural world all around us, and a wake up call to our own inner nature. As you point out, refocusing our attention allows us to perceive the familiar in unfamiliar ways. This can be such a revelation of the connection and inter-relationships which are there for us to appreciate and enjoy every moment of our daily lives, whether we live in the countryside or in the city.

  34. Hi Catrien.

    This was beautiful, it was like reading poetry with a strong message. It conjured up beautiful images in my mind and actually gave me an energy lift.

    I loved the line ‘Where intention goes, energy flows.’

    After years of looking I now seem to have the right balance of energy between spirit, ego, passion, the physical and others around me.

    Thank you for a great start to the day.

  35. Catrien Ross says:

    Steven, thank you for visiting again with your encouraging comment.

    Yes, I think that your own blog powerfully demonstrates how much you “now seem to have the right balance of energy between spirit, ego, passion, the physical and others around” you.

    I visited you in Scotland again this morning and left a comment on your latest post.

    With this spring energy lift to start your day, hope you have wonderful week!

  36. Tisha says:

    Catrien, this post is so lovely. I love the pictures of the beautiful flowers as well :-).

    This is a great reminder that we have an affect on every person that comes into contact with us. I read somewhere once that one of our goals each day should be to leave each person that we come in contact with better off than we found them – it could be in the form of a kind word, a helping hand or even a smile. If each contact we had with someone left a physical imprint, what symbol would we want: a gnarled thorny bush…or a beautiful spring flower? Of course, the answer is obvious, but the knowledge that we have an impact on everything we touch, see and feel is profound. So too is the knowledge that all those things impact us as well. Can this kind of thinking change the world? Why, yes, I believe it can; one person, one experience, at a time. I LOVE the question of what imprint do we want to leave?…and will we allow ourselves to be present enough to see and experience the inspiration that is all around us?
    Spring is truly a reminder for us to get out of our own way and allow “transformation” to
    happen to us.
    Thanks Catrien for calling our attention to it!

  37. Catrien Ross says:

    Tisha, thank you again for sharing your insightful additions. Your comment about contacts as physical imprints is thought-provoking. Do you think that imprints of “gnarled thorny bushes”are sometimes necessary for spiritual growth? I feel that I have often received the deepest lessons about myself from those who left such imprints! But of course those are short-term imprints along the journey, and you ask the question, “what imprint do we want to leave?” – the lasting impression of our personal existence in this world.

    Thank you for your words, “the knowledge that we have an impact on everything we touch, see and feel is profound.”

    Spring is such a reminder of the transformation you write about. There is indeed inspiration all around us, and within us, too.

    Changing the world, “one person, one experience, at a time.” Thank you for this inspirational encouragement, Tisha.

  38. Tisha says:

    Hi Catrien – It’s interesting that you mention snarled, thorny bushes being necessary for our spiritual growth because I was recently very annoyed by the way a friend was behaving, but after giving it a lot of thought, I was able to realize something very important about the way I want to do certain things, including re-evaluating some behaviors that I was encouraging in my children. I feel really good about my new insights – yet I possibly wouldn’t have had them if my friend hadn’t left her “thorny imprint” on me. Great point, many thanks!

  39. Catrien Ross says:

    Tisha, thank you for responding about your recent experience. Yes, “gnarled thorny bushes” can be valuable spiritual teachers in a way that gentler imprints cannot. Your friend may have perceived your annoyance about her behavior as a gnarled, thorny bush in her life that has led her to new insights about herself, too. We are all growing towards inner awareness and beauty – in the deep heart of the gnarled thorny bush blooms the genuine rose.

  40. Farouk says:

    very well organized thoughts written in a poetic way :)your post has energized me already, thanks for sharing Catrien 🙂

  41. Catrien Ross says:

    Farouk, welcome to my blog, and thank you for your appreciative comment. For my part, I appreciate the opportunity to share energizing vibrations!

  42. Catrien, your post is sheer poetry! I feel as if I’ve awakened from a long hibernation and am ready for spring. The days are longer and warmer and green shoots are poking through the ground everywhere. Time to get back out there and revive my dream.

  43. Catrien: I agree with other commentators – your poetry is beyond haiku – sheer inspiration and the stunning closeups of spring petals – in them one can almost feel the vibration you speak of. Thank you so much for this piece of love-writing> i was stirring with my recalcitrant earth latitude (22º farther N than you) and gradually coming awake like Artemis from a long hibernation, but it took your description of the opening of buds triggered by birdsong; the essence of my being influenced by a myriad sentient beings to crystallize it. I adore your words. You describe what is happening in the earth, in colour, sound and through our waves of awareness beamed out across the miles. Thank you.

    I am indeed aware of the stirrings within and am hugely encouraged by increasing light but also by the fragility of some amazing little petals that bore weight of snow for so many months. We live surrounded by miracles. We are fortunate to have someone like you to put them into words for us. I look forward to a glimpse of your apricot and peach blossoms – as you say, your own ‘alien’ vibration influences & is influenced by them! I don’t believe they think you’re alien at all! Bless you for connecting the underlying web in us all.

  44. Catrien Ross says:

    Angela, thank you for visiting again with your lovely comment. Happy awakening – enjoy your reviving dream!

  45. Catrien Ross says:

    Marian, welcome again from your northern latitude, and with such a complimentary gush. Thank you for your appreciation.

    Deep thanks, too, for the beautiful perceptions you added, especially, “I am hugely encouraged by increasing light but also by the fragility of some amazing little petals that bore weight of snow for so many months.” When I read these words I think of the crocuses, and also of the several sturdy tree branches that broke, unable to bear the weight of the wet heaviness that distinguishes spring snow in Japan.

    We do indeed, as you so eloquently remind us, “live surrounded by miracles.” And chief among the myriad miracles is the underlying web in us all that connects and reconnects.

  46. I’m in the process of reorganizing my dreams. LOL that came out a little weird. Maybe I need to say I’m prioritizing my bold splendor! Love the photos and your way with words.

  47. Catrien Ross says:

    Tess, LOL, thank you for your uplifting comment early this morning. I hope readers will visit your inspiring blog to see just how splendidly you always prioritize your bold splendor!

    Thank you again for sharing your enjoyment of my blog.

  48. Anastasiya says:

    This is a beautiful post Catrien. While reading it I felt like I went outside in my yard, smelled this wonderful spring air and felt my entire inner self awaken from the winter sleep. Thank you for the spring inspiration!

    • Catrien Ross says:

      Anastasiya, it’s lovely to see you here – welcome to my blog. Thank you for your warm comment.

      And a spring good morning to you as you awaken from winter sleep into new vibrations!

  49. Barbara says:

    You mentioned somewhere above that the plum trees (umeki) are the first to blossom in Japan. I remember visiting a public garden in downtown Hiroshima to see the pink and white blossoms on the plum trees there in February. The sakura should be blooming somewhere in Japan by now. I remember how the news broadcast the front of the flowering as it moved north.

    I saw crocuses poking their buds out on Saturday in the heart of downtown and my cats have been much livelier of late. We are having an early and slow spring this year in Montreal and it is most welcome.

  50. Catrien Ross says:

    Barbara, thank you again for visiting with spring news from Montreal. My sister is there now, filming, and she, too appreciates the welcome weather.

    Was the garden you visited in Hiroshima, Kairakuen? Some three thousand plum trees burst into bloom there in February.

    Yes, the sakura – cherry – is blooming now in Japan. The edible cherry in my garden is already in flower. And the front of the flowering as it moves north is eagerly awaited as region after region prepares to celebrate its annual cherry blossom festival.

    Warm spring greetings to you, your cats, and the first crocuses.

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