Catrien Ross on Stretching Your Potential Through the Real Power of Intention to Direct Your Energy Flow

Saturday, March 27th, 2010 - 55 Comments

In my last blog post on reviving your passion and purpose in spring vibrations from Japan, several readers expressed their appreciation of the thought:

Where intention goes, energy flows.

In a future post I will expand this idea within the context of Oriental Medicine’s 5,000 years of applied knowledge about the body’s energy cycles.

But today I offer a simple exercise that demonstrates the link connecting your mind, your real power of intention, and your energy flow.

Have fun with what I call Stretching Your Potential:

Stretching Your Potential

  • Stand or sit comfortably.
  • Look at the palms of your hands.
  • At the bottom of your palm, where your hand joins the wrist, is a horizontal line that resembles a baseline, as it were, of your palm.
  • Place your hands together in prayer position, exactly mirroring the position of this baseline, one palm against the other.
  • Look at your fingers.
  • You will see that either your left or right hand is slightly shorter than the other.
  • Separate your hands.
  • Focus your attention totally on your shorter hand.
  • Say, either within your mind or aloud, “My fingers are longer, my fingers are longer.”
  • Mentally direct your power of intention into your shorter hand.
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.
  • Repeat the words, “My fingers are longer, my fingers are longer.”
  • Now place your palms together again as you did before, exactly mirroring the baseline.
  • Look at your fingers.

What do you find?

Are you surprised?

Focusing your attention stimulates the real power of your intention to direct your own energy.

What holds true for this simple exercise is equally true for the more difficult tasks you set yourself.

You already have within you all the power you need to manifest your intentions.

It is that straightforward.

It is that authentic.

You can direct your energy flow exactly as you want, at any moment in your life.

Whether your goal is immediate or long-term, stretching your potential is powerfully and relevantly possible.

How do you feel about this simple exercise?

Do you notice anything different about yourself afterwards?

And knowing your intention is a real power already within you, how else will you stretch your potential from now?

I welcome your reactions, so please join the discussion with your comments.

Have a wonderful day stretching your potential!

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