Catrien Ross on the Challenge of Energy Medicine in Japan

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Energy medicine concepts are not new, of course.

In-depth knowledge of energy flows and energy balancing has existed in Oriental Medicine for some 5,000 years.

But the idea that your own energy can be medicine – that you can joyfully work with this medicine to change and improve your life, and that you can do so easily by yourself – this is a new shift in Japan.

Over the centuries working with energy flow, or ki, as the Japanese call it, became the province of specialists – the acupuncture and Kampo doctors, the martial arts masters, the spiritual gurus, the Buddhist priests.

Even now so-called masters who can demonstrate their ki abilities attract thousands of followers.

Religious sects have sprung up because the founders boast some psychic aspect of ki.

So when I tell Japanese people that anybody can learn to handle energy naturally I am often met with disbelief.

Energy medicine makes working with energy flow so straightforward it raises doubts.

After all, understanding ki is supposed to be difficult. That’s what Japanese learn. You need decades of rigorous training. All sorts of technique.

A Japanese acupuncture doctor spends years studying to instantly name and pinpoint hundreds of tsubo on the body. Martial artists endure grueling regimens. Spiritual gurus meditate into other dimensions.

All for the sake of this rarified thing called energy.

When I show someone how easy it is to identify personal energy strengths and weaknesses a first reaction is often: Ehhh???

This must be hocus pocus. Some magic clearly afoot.

Energy medicine can seem magical.

Once you understand how to balance energy flows you may indeed experience miraculous results.

Long-standing problems can suddenly clear up.

You change.


Mental and physical complaints that vanish just because you tweak your energy flows?

Yes, really.

This is exactly what makes energy medicine so effective yet so accessible.

Energy medicine provides simple tools that anyone can use.

No spiritual initiation is required, no years of punishing training.

You don’t even need to believe in energy medicine for it to work.

Energy medicine just is.

Because energy just is.

The simple truth is that everything is energy and nothing is but energy.

Each one of us is living, breathing energy.

And the wisdom to understand this energy is already within each of us.

I love it when skepticism becomes delight.

When Japanese people in my workshops start sensing and playing with energy.

When they rediscover that energy is truly what we are.

Energy medicine is also about empowerment.

In a society where one person every fifteen minutes commits suicide, where individual initiative is constantly undermined, the challenge in Japan is believing that personal empowerment is even possible.

Energy medicine opens a natural doorway to that hope.

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