Clare (her real name) is a beautiful and articulate Australian woman in her early 30’s who flew to Japan from her posting in Indonesia for in-person Energy Doorways™ sessions with Catrien Ross.

After embarking on a new life in Switzerland, Clare, who is also a writer and published author, sent the following letter as a detailed testimonial of her experience with Catrien’s creative and spiritual empowerment services:


On Being with Catrien in Japan:
I was drawn to Catrien by forces that I cannot explain, I just followed my heart which said ‘go to Mt. Fuji and visit this lady’. I knew intuitively that it was the right thing to do. My goal in visiting her (because my rational mind still needed some kind of justification for flying to Japan!) was to ‘Learn more about how to consistently love and accept myself.’

I visited Catrien at the base of Mt. Fuji in April 2012. Throughout my stay Catrien treated me with loving kindness, not just during sessions but from the moment I arrived until the moment I left. She provided help with accommodation, food, directions, sight-seeing and many other things. This allowed me to relax into the experience of being at the base of Mt. Fuji and not worry about logistical matters.

On Healing with Catrien:
Spending time with Catrien allowed me to weave new stories for myself. This happened as I stopped analyzing and allowed feelings and images to emerge. One particularly powerful image appeared during my first energy shifting session with Catrien. It was an image of my legs as beautiful, powerful, muscular warrior legs. This image was the beginning of a warrior theme that became a crucial story in my healing process.

On Working with Catrien:
It is difficult to explain with words how I worked with Catrien as we did not follow a prearranged schedule for the ten days or so that I was there. Rather, using her deep intuition, Catrien made arrangements for me on a day by day basis in accordance with what was good for me each day. I later realized that embedded in this way of operating, was one of the key lessons that I learned during my time with Catrien; that is, once we release the need to try and control life we become open to experiencing the beauty of it as it unfolds before us.

I was astonished that Catrien was able to pick up on my character traits immediately and know how to work with them to my best advantage. She knew immediately that I had a tendency for intellectualizing everything and that I had a need to control and always know what was going to happen. Based on this she suggested the loose and flexible schedule mentioned above. From this I learned that life can be immensely beautiful when you let it, when you allow it to flow over you and when you flow with it rather than trying to rigidly steer it in what you think is the right direction. Ultimately I learned to give voice to and trust myself (my inner being) and thereby I began to trust life.

Working with Catrien gave me the understanding (beyond just a theoretical notion) that traumas are stored in the body and can be shifted and transformed into strengths. Likewise positive ways of being that we would like to manifest are also stored in our body and just need to be nudged a little in order to bubble forth and shape our way of being in the world.

On Deepening Time with Catrien at her Mountain Sanctuary:
Part way through my visit Catrien invited me to stay at her 300 year old minka in the mountains. While I was there I was treated like a queen and encouraged to relax and soak up the powerful energy of that house and the mountains. While in the house I began to have the notion that Catrien was the embodiment of all women and through her I was learning many indescribable lessons that would guide me throughout the rest of my life.

Before dinner I experienced a deep meditation while looking out into Catrien’s garden. A sense of calm wafted over me. As it turns out, it was the calm before the storm because before we could have dinner I was to spontaneously experience a deep healing session on Catrien’s heated slate tiles. During this session Catrien assisted me to confront some of my darkest demons by bringing them up and transforming them into a powerful light that gave me strength and beauty.

Later that evening Catrien and I prepared my makeshift bed by the fire in the living room. The warrior theme that began with the image of my warrior legs continued. It felt like an older warrior woman (Catrien) was helping the young warrior woman (me) prepare her bed by the camp fire. We didn’t realize it but one of the blankets that we laid out for me to shield myself against the cold had a leopard motif. It was thick and warm, almost like a leopard skin might be. Underneath this blanket was a pretty pink bed spread with lacy frills on the edges. Once again the symbolism was so apparent; I was to sleep as a strong warrior woman who also carries with her the young innocent girl of her past. Layers of femininity and softness as well as layers of warrior-like strength. The message was clear, in finding my inner warrior woman there was no need to discard the vulnerable pretty little girl, she too was part of my strength.

On Learning with Catrien:
Another example of learning with Catrien was through sharing meals. When I visited her I really needed to be nourishing myself on many levels; physically and emotionally. Catrien encouraged me to spoil myself with delicious, wholesome food and take joy in the process of eating. Feeding my physical body properly was an important step to nourishing my soul.

In addition to energy shifting sessions, energy exchange sessions were woven into my interaction with Catrien as I learned through osmosis and experience, or on-the-spot lessons! One example of this was when I almost cut my time with Catrien short after hearing about the earlier arrival of a friend. In order to ‘fit with his plans’ I suggested that I end my work with Catrien earlier than planned. Through a process of showing ‘tough love’ Catrien encouraged me to speak truthfully and stand up for what was best for me. This, evidently, was a way for me to break an old habit of arranging my life so as not to disrupt people around me, thus ignoring my own needs and the expression of my authentic self. Once I began listening to my true inner voice I began to notice things falling into place.

On Revealing Unexpected Treasures with Catrien:
Another very important energy exchange occurred with Catrien around the most unexpected of circumstances. At some point a red skirt in the second-hand shop in the downstairs section of Catrien’s centre caught my eye and set off an afternoon of Catrien and I giggling like teenagers and me prancing around like a supermodel! As I tried on countless outfits for fun I began to realize that energy works in powerful ways and the key to beauty is not physical but it is how you feel about yourself from the inside—ok so this might seem like a basic lesson but I think for many women this notion only holds true theoretically and is rarely a real experience. By adorning my body as if it was a piece of art, by taking care to match colours and fabrics I made offerings to myself and began to see myself in a new light. Nothing had changed in my physical body but when I looked in the mirror I saw a radiance that I knew to be a reflection of my true self.

Among the many strange and wonderful outfits, Catrien stumbled across an old pair of black boots that come almost to the knee. She passed them to me without much thought and when I put them on we both realized that they were my warrior boots that would support my legs and help me to keep a strong connection with the ground in order to walk away from Mt Fuji and carry with me the many powerful lessons that I had absorbed from spending time with Catrien in this magical part of Japan.

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